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Friends of art,

We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another…

Currently the Covid has contaminated the entire planet, changing the way we live, perceive and think.This brutal change in society is accelerating as the pandemic also affects the art world and its economy. It is time to support our artist friends by giving them visibility, temporarily lost, and to collect public feedback through images of their works, recent and relevant. These will reflect the questions inspired by this exceptional and intense moment anticipating the post-covid. The Covid questions a future which brings into play the primordial role of the artist in a society, a changing society which must reinvent itself as an essential tool for understanding the world.

Faced with the spread of the virus and the suffering generated, let us contribute by posting their works of art online

We are asking your contribution to this project by connecting the artists you support to this great chain of art beyond borders which are locking us up today more than ever. According to the artist, send an image of your chosen work accompanied with a comment (maximum 1500 signs) to 4artcovid@gmail.com. Whether critical or just a comment, words will be the contribution to an open dialogue. The public will be invited to react and will thus contribute. Then, we will post it on social networks.


We thank you for your interest and support

Gilles Berthet & Franck-James Marlot


Our thanks to all of you who accepted the challenge of this project from the beginning.